Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tarot Card of the Day for the Ides of March, AT6

Cups represent the elementals of Water that rule emotions.
A seven represents dissatisfaction, or the impetus to improve a situation.
As a feminine suit, Cups tells of the inner nature and passiveness. So, the message is one of looking within and analyzing your feelings.

The iconography of this card suggests a man seeing a vision of all that he desires: legacy, spirituality, knowledge, property, wealth, fame, and power. But, it's only a vision, he has not achieved these things. He has to stop dreaming and get his ass in gear.

The reversal of this card possibly indicates a lack of motivation, which is the case in the life of Your Prophet. I've been lazing about for too long. Today, especially. I had big plans of starting yard work and getting the basement organized today, but I slept in. I want to think this is the result of having dedicated to Earth two years in a row, which I did to explore that aspect of Cernunnos, but he's lost interest in this. I decided several months ago that I would dedicate to Fire this year, and sure enough, my energy is back. It's just that my habits haven't changed to take advantage of that. Reading up on Shiva to glean clues about Cernunnos, though, I'm reminded of their strong association with Fire. It's time to step away from the Green Man and commune with the Sacred Dancer.

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